Jonan Saisho Musoko

Destined leader on a quest to find balance in a torn land and his true nature.


Jonan is of a lean, muscular build of about average height. His smooth, tanned skin is a reflection of his home being in the desert. Bright hazel-amber eyes will pierce straight into your soul as you are lost in his black hair’s enigmatic sheen. He is often seen toting a ceremonial scimitar with him and an obsidian necklace. Underneath a slightly regal disposition burns a passion that bursts forth in dazzling displays of giddy banter and flourishes.



Jonan is the mayor of Irruhyma, and has watched over the little town for the last 6 years. He does not have much recollection of where he came from or who his parents are. He sometimes pays homage to Hasto for their similar roles in duty, and to Avaldi, goddess of spring and renewal, in whose nature of regrowth he fully agrees with.

The quiet market town was rather ordinary until some of the people began coming down with an incurable plague. Jonan wonders if he’ll be able to source a cure fast enough to ensure the health of his people.

Recently, Irruhyma was attacked by snakes and Yuan-ti, wherein he and several others defended the escape of the other townsfolk into the dragonborn settlement about a day off. There he learned more of his past and where he may venture in order to help his people.

After his people had settled, Jonan set out to find a cure for the plague. Finding himself in an even smaller and disorganized village, the seeker makes new acquaintances in the form of the rough but kind Mardrid of the proud mountain dwarves, and Valkyra the fallen who seeks to regain her purity . Together they have found many threads that may lead to the unraveling of the Monarchs, and the nation, altogether.

Recent meditations:
“I am the son of the First Flame… what does that mean? Am I meant for greater things than making the best for people on the edge of a forgotten trade route? I must stay strong and keep myself positive.”

“It is still strange talking to my father through fire, but being as it is, he has somehow imbued me with some of his old memories. When he too wandered the other planes, and forged many a great thing of metal and stone, bone and leather. I hope to make him proud… and to wrest the Fire others seem to covet and steal. What gifts have I been given, indeed?”

“I am so thankful that I have been graced with two wonderful traveling companions. I could not have taken back Irruhyma by my hand alone. And my, how wonderful it is to be lying in my own bed! I will be so ecstatic to leave this whole series of events in the past and move forward with my new friends and people. Must think of more ways to thank the Dragonkin of Scale Keep. A dance seems hardly fair recompense for their help in our most dire hour.. I will think of more in the morning.”

“So much chaos happened today, and yet I feel everything unraveled as it should have. I got to meet two real dragons today, a feat many are not able to say in an entire lifetime! Not to mention that none in our party perished in the process! Another feat altogether! Valkyra came across something amazing this early eve. Some ancient structure with old runes at the top. I could feel the different energies flow through the place, singing to me… One was louder above the others, and I felt myself very taken by it. OVZI… Ovzziiiiii… my very being trembles as I embrace this word. There is so much I have yet to learn.”

“Finally I rest upon a bed- what a long day it has been. I was expecting some challenges when trying to re-connect with other merchants to bring revenue back to Irruhyma, but complications abound. I feel like some god or something is testing us, trying to see if we can handle what’s thrown at us. Not only was the caravan attacked, but a boullette just about devoured me. To add insult to injury, we were practically robbed by the “guards” when we reached my first contact, and later got to rest in Eccemov. What political quandaries have we gotten into?"

“Finally a night’s rest is mine. Today was very full between escorting a boat filled with supplies for a starving town through infested waters and taking down the faction of the Flame Stealing Cult. I got to speak with my father again, and set something into motion in my mind. Something that had been locked away began exuding into my memories when I received a vision of Helios, City of the Dawn…”

Jonan Saisho Musoko

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