Aasimar Fighter Hermit


Valkyra is an Aasimar female who stands 6’ 2" tall, with a decidedly “Nordic” look about her. She has fair skin and light hair, and is 35 years of age. While Valkyra bears many of the otherworldly features known to belong to her race, her conversion from Fallen Aasimar to Protector Aasimar was, sadly, an incomplete transformation, at least physically. Physical remnants of her days as a Fallen Aasimar include a portion of her face that is darkened and scarred, one eye which remains a dark pool of black, and one leathery “bat-like” wing. Unless among friends or in battle, Valkyra prefers to go about hooded and cloaked, ever ashamed of the scars of her past.




The course of Valkyra’s life was greatly altered when her sister, Brynkara, was killed in an orc raid. Valkyra, who was only a teenager at the time, was filled with anger that her beloved sister was not protected and fled her home.

Valkyra was found wandering the woods by a hag named Celeno who offered her both protection and the power to protect others. Valkyra knew well the propensity of hags to make bargains that would result in disproportionate gain for themselves, but, still plagued by nightmares replaying her sister’s death, Valkyra was desperate for some control. Her primary desire was to be able to protect herself and anyone she deemed worth protecting.

Celeno’s influence corrupted Valkyra, and Valkyra worked with the dark forces regularly seduced by power. In time, however, she learned that Celeno intended to sacrifice her and absorb her angelic power to increase her own. When the night arrived on which Celeno planned to sacrifice the young Aasimar, Valkyra escaped, but only narrowly. To this day, Valkyra carries the fearful knowledge that Celeno is still out there, somewhere…


A fortuitous turn of events would be the salvation of both Valkyra’s body and soul. As she lay gravely injured in the woods from her confrontation with Celeno, she was found by a group of Avilen’s faithful from the Abbey of ________________. They took her back to their mountain cloister and nursed her back to health.

Too weak to resist their care, Valkyra spent ample time in an infirmary bed listening to the teachings of Avilen. In time, she became fascinated by the message of redemption, and wanted to answer Avilen’s call to start anew. When Valkyra regained her full strength, she realized she could still be a protector, but there was a more righteous and pure path to follow to achieve her goal.

Valkyra lived at the Abbey of _____________ for 18 years, isolated from the wider world. Her only companions were the couple dozen residents of the abbey. Through servitude and many opportunities to defend the abbey from both roving bandits and dangerous creatures, she began to learn to use her natural might to protect the weak and to let go of some of her bitterness.

One day, Avilen’s faithful led her high up into the peaks above the abbey to a small, sapphire-blue mountain tarn. They gestured for her to descend into and bathe in the pool, which she did, and emerged to the gasps of the followers of Avilen. She turned and fell to her knees beside the pool, anxious to regard her reflection. Though Valkyra could have sworn she was utterly converted in her heart, she was dismayed to see that a small part of her visage bore testament to her wicked past – one dark eye, a partially scarred and darkened face, and one of her wings remained leathery and black.

The followers of Avilen were thrilled with Valkyra’s spiritual and physical transformations, and they instructed her that her odd appearance could serve as a reminder to her of the Second Chance afforded to her. To this day, Valkyra wrestles with self-doubt, wondering if the physical remnants of her Fallen Aasimar form are clues that a proclivity for evil still lurks within her heart.

Adding to this doubt is the fact that Valkyra has never yet received a single vision or prophesy from an Angelic Guide, which all good Aasimar have. Valkyra’s most precious hope and wish is that one day, when she finally achieves purity of heart, she will hear from her Angelic Guide, if indeed, one exists.


Significant entries from Valkyra’s trail journal:

“Would you believe that while I was gathering wood this afternoon, I encountered none other than Avilen herself. It was her, all right – the azure locks, the horns, the ethereal glow from within her… I tried to hide my hideous Fallen Aasimar skin and wing from her, but I know she saw. None of that matters. She says something remains in my heart that is holding me back – that my transformation really could be complete if I could just determine what it is. She compelled me to ponder what my new purpose is now that I am not longer at the abbey. She told me to have hope, to defend the weak, and to see signs. What signs, I do not know. The whole experience was… transcendent. I’m not even sure I wasn’t dreaming… No matter. Either Avilen visited my dreams or she visited this earth… She was there, and she is my savior.”


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